The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition. 7th-9th Century Edited by: Helen C. Evans, Brandie Ratliff The Metrop... €65.00
Medieval Sculpture at the Cloisters Author: William D. Wixom The Metrop... €20.00
Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim Edited by: Peter Barnet, Michael Brandt, Gerhard Lutz The Metrop... €25.00
Piero della Francesca. Personal Encounters Author: Keith Christiansen With contributions by: Anna Pizzati, Cecilia Frosinini The Metrop... €25.00
Secular Painting in 15th-Century Tuscany Author: John Pope-Hennessy, Keith Christiansen The Metrop... €15.00
The Ancestors of Christ Windows at Canterbury Cathedral Author: Jeffrey Weaver, Madeline H. Caviness The Metrop... €30.00
The Renaissance Portrait: From Donatello to Bellini Edited by: Keith Christiansen, Stefan Weppelmann The Metrop... €65.00
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