The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked

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The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked

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Publisher's description:
The Lewis Chessmen are 78—12th century chess pieces, or Uig Chessmen (after their find-site) of mainly walrus ivory and some of whale teeth— from a spectacular archaeological discovery on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland's Outer Hebrides. One of the few complete sets surviving of the medieval game popular among the aristocracy of the Middle Ages, it is believed the detailed and often humorous sculptures of human figures were made by Norse craftsmen from Trondheim, the city where similar pieces have been found (Norway ruled the area at the time).
Some mishap may have occurred in transport to wealthy Norse settlements on Ireland's east coast. In all, 93 artifacts were uncovered, including eight kings and queens, 16 bishops, 15 knights, 12 rooks, and 19 pawns. At the time of discovery, some bore traces of red stain—perhaps stating that red and white rather than today's black and white distinguished the two sides.
This publication accompanies a touring exhibition of 30 chessmen from the collections within the British Museum and the National Museums of Scotland, and looks at the mystery and intrigue surrounding the figures, explores their discovery and shows how the characters reflected society of their time.

From the back cover:
One of the most famous treasures to have come out of the ground in Scotland is a hoard of ivory chessmen and other gaming pieces found in the Isle of Lewis. The pieces are now divided between Nationa Museums Scotland and the British Museum. Experts all agree that they are medieval and of Scandinavian origin. They are remarkably fine pieces of craftsmanship and have fascinated all who see them.
This new account provides an overview of the hoard, the circumstances surrounding its discovery, and the traditions that have grown up around it. The authors also incorporate results from their own recent research which focuses on how, where and when the chessmen were made. Their examination demonstrates how the work of different craftsmen can be recognised, and the answer to the question of who might have owned them is also considered. The result is a celebration of a famous discovery, complete with images of the main pieces.

7 Acknowledgements
9 Foreword, by Jane Carmichael, National Museums Scotland
11 Introduction
The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked
15 The Hoard's Discovery
21 The Contents of the Hoard
37 Why Twelf-century Scandinavian?
41 How Lewis?
45 Lewis and the Kingdom of the Isles
51 The Lewis Chessmen in Lewis
55 Analysing the Chessmen
66 From Trondheim
69 Playing Games
75 The Legacy
77 References and Research
79 About the Authors.

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