Études sur le Judaïsme Médiéval

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Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections, Interrogations, and Medical Astrology. A Parallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Book of Elections (3 Versions), the Book of Interrogations (3 Versions), and The Book of the Luminaries Edited, translated and annotated by: Shlomo Sela Brill €257.00
Bibliographia Karaitica. An Annotated Bibliography of Karaites and Karaism Karaite Texts and Studies, Volume 2 Author: Barry Dov Walfish, Mikhail Kizilov Brill €327.00
Linguistic Variety of Judaeo-Arabic in Letters from the Cairo Genizah Author: Esther-Miriam Wagner Brill €113.00
Medical Prescriptions in the Cambridge Genizah Collections Author: Efraim Lev, Leigh Chipman   Brill €220.00
Medical Synonym Lists from Medieval Provence: Shem Tov ben Isaac of Tortosa: Sefer ha - Shimmush. Book 29 Part 1: Edition and Commentary of List 1 (Hebrew - Arabic - Romance/Latin) Author: Frank Savelsberg, Guido Mensching, Martina Hussein, Gerrit Bos Brill €237.00
Medieval Hebrew Poetry in Muslim Egypt. The Secular Poetry of the Karaite Poet Moses ben Abraham Dar'ī Karaite Texts and Studies Volume 3 Author: Joachim J.M.S. Yeshaya Brill €179.00
Opening the Gates of Interpretation. Maimonides' Biblical Hermeneutics in Light of His Geonic-Andalusian Heritage and Muslim Milieu Author: Mordechai Z. Cohen Brill €243.00
Sefer Ko’ah ha-Avanim (On the Virtue of the Stones) Author: Berakhyah Ben Natronai ha-Nakdan Edited by: Gerrit Bos, Julia Zwink Brill €103.00
The Arabic Translation and Commentary of Yefet ben 'Eli the Karaite on the Abraham Narratives (Genesis 11:10–25:18) Edition and Introduction. Karaite Texts and Studies Volume 4 Author: Marzena Zawanowska Brill €216.00
The Economic History of European Jews. Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages Author: Michael Toch Brill €203.00
Verbal Morphology in the Karaite Treatise on Hebrew Grammar KitĀb al-'UqŪd fī TaṢĀrīf al-Luġa al-'IbrĀniyya Cambridge Genizah Studies Series Volume 2 Author: Nadia Vidro Brill €129.00
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