The Northern World

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Clerics and Clansmen. The Diocese of Argyll between the Twelfth and Sixteenth Centuries Author: Iain G. MacDonald Brill €182.00
Constructing a Cult. The Life and Veneration of Guðmundr Arason (1161-1237) in the Icelandic Written Sources Author: Joanna A. Skórzewska Brill €179.00
Early Medieval Art and Archaeology in the Northern World Edited by: Andrew Reynolds, Leslie Webster Contributors: Noël Adams, Barry Ager, Marion M. Archibald, Birgit Arrhenius, C Brill €346.00
High-Ranking Widows in Medieval Iceland and Yorkshire Author: Philadelphia Ricketts Brill €150.00
Ideology and Power in the Viking and Middle Ages. Scandinavia, Iceland, Ireland, Orkney and the Faeroes Edited by: Ian B. Beuermann, Jan Erik Rekdal, Jón Viðar Sigurðsson, Gro Steinsland Contributors: Ian B. Beue Brill €182.00
Kings' Sagas and Norwegian History. Problems and Perspectives Author: Shami Ghosh Brill €166.00
Pictish Progress. New Studies on Northern Britain in the Early Middle Ages Edited by: Stephen T. Driscoll, Jane Geddes, Mark A. Hall Contributions by: Barbara E. Crawford, Nicholas Evans, Iain Frase Brill €185.00
Slaves and Warriors in Medieval Britain and Ireland, 800 -1200 Author: David Wyatt Brill €152.00
The Forgotten Crusaders. Poland and the Crusader Movement in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Author: Mikołaj Gładysz Brill €243.00
The Hanse in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Edited by: Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz, Stuart Jenks Contributors: Carsten Jahnke, Edda Frankot, Sofia Gustafsson, James M. Murray, Brill €171.00
The Incorporation and Integration of the King's Tributary Lands into the Norwegian Realm c. 1195-1397 Author: Randi Bjørshol Waerdahl Brill €176.00
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