Medieval Law and Its Practice

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Audun and the Polar Bear. Luck, Law, and Largesse in a Medieval Tale of Risky Business Author: William Ian Miller Brill €135.00
Law, Governance, and Justice. New Views on Medieval Constitutionalism Edited by: Richard W. Kaeuper With the assistance of: Paul Dingman, Peter Sposato Brill €189.00
Laws, Lawyers and Texts. Studies in Medieval Legal History in Honour of Paul Brand Edited by: Susanne Jenks, Jonathan Rose, Christopher Whittick Contributors: John H. Baker, David Carpenter, David Crook, Charl Brill €228.00
Legal Procedure and Practice in Medieval Denmark Author: Per Andersen Brill €212.00
Llawysgrif Pomffred. An Edition and Study of Peniarth MS 259B Author: Sara Elin Roberts Brill €185.00
Politics and Justice in Late Medieval Bologna Author: Sarah Rubin Blanshei Brill €187.00
Ports, Piracy and Maritime War. Piracy in the English Channel and the Atlantic, c. 1280-c. 1330 Author: Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm Brill €171.00
The Function of Kinship in Medieval Nordic Legislation Author: Helle Vogt Brill €168.00
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