Castel del Monte. Geometric Marvel of the Middle Ages

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Castel del Monte. Geometric Marvel of the Middle Ages

PREZZO : EUR 85,00€

ISBN 3791319302
EAN 9783791319308

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238 pages
55 full-color ills., 43 two-color and 213 black and white ills.
Hardback with jacket
cm 22 x 28,5 x 2,3
gr 1350


From the front flap:
A recognized scholary work, this volume is already in its third edition in German, and is now available for the first time in expanded form in English.
In the south of Italy stands one of the most beautiful and fascinating castles of the Middle Ages, commissioned by the brilliant Emperor Frederick II of the Hohenstaufen dynasty.
Castel del Monte is unique in the history of art and architecture, and the mystery surrounding its function and meaning has inspired the most varied theories, most of which are based on speculation rather than solid analysis. Not one of these flights of fancy has succeeded in unraveling the design of this distinctive octagonal fortification.
Heinz Götze presents an in-depth study of this enigmatic structure and explores its singularity in the history of art and architecture. Might there be a connection between the Castel and other buildings based on regular polygons?
Is there simply beauty to be found in the ancient precept of simmetry, or is there more to it?
This stunningly illustrated book presents the reader with insights into the bastion's structure while exploring the cultural influences common to the entire Mediterranean region, including that of medieval Arabic geometry, and the effect these factors had on the conception and construction of Castel del Monte.
"Castel del Monte" is a scholarly, interdisciplinary study and assessment of an intriguing masterpiece of medieval architecture.

page 9 Foreword to the English Edition
12 Foreword to the Third German Edition
15 Foreword to the First German Edition
19 I Introduction
29 II Lines of Development of Hohenstaufen Architecture
29 1 Early History
33 2 Castel Maniace
43 3 Augusta
44 4 Castel Ursino
60 5 Lucera
67 6 The Gate to the Bridge of Capua
72 7 Caserta Vecchia
74 8 Prato
77 9 Termoli
80 10 Enna
83 11 Osterlant (by R. Spehr)
89 12 Castel del Monte
109 III The Language of Forms in Hohenstaufen Architecture
113 IV Castel del Monte: Design and Construction
115 1 The Octagon
129 2 The Eight-pointed Star
140 3 The Ground-plan Design: General Remarks
147 4 The Geometric Structure of the Plan
158 5 The Geometric Construction and Measurements
175 6 Spandrel Formation
183 V The Geometric System and Its Realisation
191 VI Provenance of the Plan
206 VII Interpretation
211 Notes
225 Selected Bibliography
232 Sources of Illustrations
235 Index of Names and Places.

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